A Few Words

About Us

Our Story

Back in 2003, we had the idea of building a business that specifically revolved around family. As contractors, we understood just how much a home can mean to a family, and we wanted to build a business that would be able to transform our clients’ spaces and ensure that their families could enjoy their homes for generations to come.

Sun Valley Pavers is a family-owned and family-run business, with a team that is passionate about delivering the very best possible experience for our clients. We have a team dedicated for every step in our customer journey – from providing quote and adjusting project needs, to installing and quality assuring all throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are a licensed and insured team, verifiable through the CA Contractors Board, and we have built a strong reputation as one of the most trusted exterior contractors in the region. The quality of our work is something that we take seriously because we know just how much that final product means to our clients. Remodeling a home is a challenge, but with the right team by your side, it can be one of the most transformative experiences of a life time.

We use a variety of products to complete our projects, all of which uphold the highest quality standards. Additionally, we let our clients take the lead on their projects. We simply follow their vision and execute their dreams using whatever type of materials they’d prefer. And every step of the way, we offer guidance, support, and insight into the materials that we use, so that our clients have a well-rounded foundation of knowledge that allows them to make informed decisions later on down the line.

We understand what our clients are looking for, and we know how to give it to them. We pride ourselves on our level of commitment to our clients, and we always work to ensure that the final product reflects the space and home that our clients deserve.

Our Mission

At Sun Valley Pavers, our mission is simple – we work to provide our clients with an exceptional experience from end to end. From the quote and estimate experience, to the finished product, we are endlessly focused on delivering a comprehensive experience that satisfies our clients.

Products & Equipment

We understand just how important it is to use the very best products and equipment for all of our projects. After years of research and installations, we know which products offer the highest level of quality, durability, and visual appeal.